Crossing the Nullarbor - Australia

Travel guide and general information for the region between Norseman in WA to Ceduna in SA,

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Crossing the Nullarbor - Australia
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Disclaimer: The information provided on this web site is for use as a guide only.

If you are planning to undertake this trip YOU MUST SEEK OUT other authorative advice and information.

Travelling across Australia is a very exciting adventure, you will see things and visit places that have their own unique attractions and risks.

For example when playing on the sand dunes at Fowlers Bay or at various other sand dune spots, understand the risks involved, how the dunes move over night, understand sand avalanches can occur...also check out the other side of the crest ridge before sandboarding so you dont end up in a situation you cannot get out of...

Understand where and how to seek assistance if you get into difficulty, understand assistance may be hours away.

When visiting Bunda Cliffs... DO NOT get to close too the top edge of the Cliff Face as the ledge might crumble and fall 200 feet down,

understand your limitations when visiting caves and the dangers posed and do not enter unless you have a permit or know what you are doing

for example the risks involved when climbing down and getting in/out of the Cave system


Outback travel can be a very exciting journey but it also can be very hazardous especially off road and in remote and isolated areas. 

When going 'Off Road' and 'Remote' from the main National 1 Highway your trip should only be undertaken after

lengthy and careful planning, plus having plenty of water, fuel, food, working communication devices etc and people know where you are going.

Understand the distances between fuel stops by ringing ahead and checking with the roadhouses, cattle stations and visitor centres - that what you want is at the next stop.


Understand the weather patterns and the various seasons Australia has...and take clothing that suits the climate and conditions at the time of your trip,

understand your vehicle and its capabilities and how to repair it plus have spare tyres (Min 2 extra)

The owners of this website shall not and will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that you may experience during any trip 

You are responsible for your own actions.


Crossing the Nullarbor - Australia
PO Box 1786
Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

ph: 0416147776